ServSafe Manager

We offer ServSafe Food Manager classes in NY, NJ and CT. We also offer onsite training for a group of five.

At the completion of ServSafe class, servsafe manager exam is administered. Exam contains 90 multiple choice question and 75% is passing grade. Time allowed is two hours.

Students can buy their own book (Srvsafe Food Manager Book 7th Edition) prior to the class from servsafe ( Book is not included in the class price!. Study Guide is included in the class price.

With ServSafe food manager class, we offer paper (written exam) unless until the student request for online exam with an additional fee of $40.

After registration please email at for the date and timing of the class you are interested in. For class listing in NY, NJ and CT please visit

Servsafe Food Manager Exam ONLY

Servsafe Food Manager written exam proctoring (No training and no educational material) $150

Servsafe Food Manager online (computer) proctoring (No training and no educational material) $190

Proctoring fee is charged each time I ptoctor exam.

It is recommended at least 2-3 weeks study before servsafe food manager exam.

Exams are available in English, Spanish and Chinese.

For online exam a laptop/iPad with internet/WiFi is required.

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